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What with Tumblr probably imploding in the next few weeks and all. Someone remind me to dig that one short fanfic from my sideblog out of my laptop harddrive and crosspost it either here or AO3 sometime in the next couple of weeks, okay? Also, I made a post like eighty years ago that I have a terrible idea for a Legend of Zelda fic. Yell at me until I do something about the fact that the idea has been languishing forever?
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Hello to anyone who might be reading. I haven’t been on Dreamwidth much lately, but yes I survived 2017. As big a mess as things are globally right now, everything is going fine personally so far. Two big things happened last summer: I got a promotion at work, and I moved. Things are busy but otherwise pretty good at work. My new home is a two bedroom condo barely a mile down the road from my old apartment, and while it hasn’t been updated much since the early 90s, I’m very happy with my decision. Haven’t really written or drawn much lately, but I’ve been enjoying plenty of other people’s content on various platforms. That’s all for now.
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So I deleted my Livejournal account a few months ago, for reasons that probably a lot of other people active on this site left there for (tail end of December, shortly after the server move, before the new ToS). I've decided to sort of revive my Dreamwidth account for similar reasons. Dunno how much I'm going to post here, but hello and also: yes I am alive and well, and my LJ is gone by my own personal choice. Feel free to message me if we previously talked on that website, or just if you feel like it even if we've never spoken before. You can also say hello to me over on Tumblr.
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Hi. I'm Liara-Shadowsong, a female American grad student. I'm mostly on Dreamwidth because it's the current home of the Scans Daily community. Although the next time I write a fanfiction, I'll probably end up cross-posting it here, LiveJournal, Archive of Our Own, and (which is the one site where I currently go by something different than a punctuation variant of my username here... the user name here also applies to DeviantArt and Gaia Online, but on ffn, my username is Kawaii Chibi Shun, unless I've changed it to match since posting this entry). Not that I've written anything worth posting in a while (and I'm not even sure all of what I've posted to ffn in the past was really worth posting either), haha, between classes and work and everything else, plus writer's block and being a scientist not an author by trade. Well, that's all I wanted to say for now! :P


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